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Excerpts from sources including the SF Jewish Bulletin, Le Figaro blog,, and critic Morton Gold, as well as personal tributes

“A command performance... her voice rings true with sadness, joy and love of life…”

-- SF Jewish Bulletin

“The extraordinary voice of Roslyn Barak in her CD “The Jewish Soul” which I can listen to daily insofar as it transmits the warmth of humanity and the beauty of song...”

-- Le Figaro blog

Barak was trained as a professional opera singer before she felt a calling to give her musical gift to the Lord. And she is now probably the #1 female Cantor (Jewish religious singer) in the world, and one of the best, period.

-- Excerpt from M.K. Schultz's review

"Gorgeous voice"

-- Excerpt from J. T Waldmannon's review

"Cantor Barak's voice is tremendous. Her range is huge, and her rich soprano voice just drips honey."

-- Excerpt from ZeeMom's review

"Roslyn Barak has an incredibly beautiful voice. I have played this cd over and over again. Very spiritual and comforting.."

-- Excerpt from FHS's review

"Roslyn Barak sings with such a heart and eloquence to her music. Not only is this one of the most beautiful albums I have heard, but it sooths my soul and touches and heals my heart."

-- Excerpt from AFB's review

The Jewish Post

An Awesome Cantor

By Morton Gold, Music Critic


 I recently received a CD entitled "The Jewish Soul" featuring soprano Roslyn Barak, cantor of The Congregation Emanu-El of San Franisco. While one could take issue with the title, one cannot dispute the multi-faceted talents of Cantor Barak. She possesses a fine lyric soprano which is well trained and she demonstrates a high order of musicianship and artistry. Her "piano" (soft) tones in the high register is the nearest thing to a male mezzo voice I have heard. Just awesome!

... Cantor Barak demonstrates her versatility and artistry in every selection... the overwhelming content of this CD presents to the world a major contemporary talent to the kavod of her congregation and the glory of our G-d.

Personal Tributes

“You have brought us the greatest comfort and made us feel the presence of the divine on earth through the power of your gorgeous voice and innate spirituality.”

-- The Diamond Family

“You have the voice of an angel.  You lift our spirits up constantly with a melodious grace that is unmatched.”

-- The Goldman Family

"I can recall this occurring many times: A group of parents and babies, all the babies fussing and crying, until you began entertaining with your songs.  As soon as you sang the first note, all the babies became totally quiet and could not take their eyes off of you."

-- F. Price

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